About Nursing College



There is an unprecedented shortage of nurses in India and across the world, and this is affecting all healthcare settings - hospitals, nursing homes, home health and outpatient facilities. An estimated 226,000 registered nurses are needed to fill current full-time vacancies in the hospitals and nursing homes in India alone. By 2020, an estimated 2 million more nurses will be needed to meet the demand in healthcare facilities around the world.

Nurses comprise the largest portion of healthcare professionals and hospital work force, and they are the primary provider of long-term care. Clearly, a shortage of nurses would pose grave risks to the health of the nation.

Our vision and mission: Founded in 2002 by Muni Seva Ashram as a general nursing and midwifery training center, the Muni Seva Ashram School of Nursing of today is a full-fledged college affiliated to and recognised by the Indian Nursing Council (www.indiannursingcouncil.org) that attracts students from across the state of Gujarat.

On an average, there are no more than 6 students per teacher, and this ensures that utmost attention is paid to the development of each nurse. This is a residential school attached to two major hospitals, which helps students become part of a long-lasting community that takes pride in its profession, tradition and continual learning.

The school provides world-class training in Physiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Nutrition, Emergency treatment, and Patient care techniques. Nursing course-work also includes other specialized training that prepares students to care for infants and for the psychologically and physically challenged patients.

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